Glass Straws (Animals!)

A perfect way to sip your late night beverage! With your hot or cold beverages, one of our adorable animal glass straws will keep you company into the wee hours.


These straws are handcrafted in Vancouver, British Columbia, using an ancient technique called lampworking. These straws are made of borosilicate glass, the same glass used to make Pyrex glassware. The artisan 'paints' the coloured glass onto the clear-glass straws with a 2000 /F degree torch!

The straws are natural, strong, toxin-free and can be used 100’s of times. Good for hot or cold beverages, and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Although the straws are durable and strong, they are still made from glass. Treat them as you would your glass drinkware and they will last you for life. Adult supervision is required when allowing children to use glass straws.

The best part?! These straws are 100% warrantied FOR LIFE against accidental breakage. That in itself is worth the cost (not to mention the cute factor!).

Straw Lengths & Widths

All of our animal straws are 8 inches long with a 9.5 mm diameter, and are bent.

Make sure you grab a straw cleaning brush to keep your straw in tip top shape!

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