Gone to the Dogs: Canine Aromatherapy

We know you love aromatherapy for yourself, but have you ever thought about the benefits it can bring to the Doggers of your life?

Join us for a lecture and demos and learn more about your canine companion in general (stress and signals, behaviours) and how to use essential oils and hydrosols with them safely and effectively. We'll help you understand the "why" behind the critical timing around when to introduce oils to your pooch so they love them as much as you do!

What You'll Learn

In this 4 hour lecture-style class you will learn:

  • Aromatherapy Basics
  • The difference between Essential Oils & Hydrosols
  • How Essential Oils and Hydrosols work with dogs: Physical, Emotional, Conditional, Evolutionary & Spiritual approaches
  • Which Essential Oils & Hydrosols are safe for your dog
  • Understanding zoopharmacognosy (we'll use the term self-selection!) to choose oils for your dog
  • Dilution ratios
  • Carrier oils for Canines
  • Treatments: we'll talk about oils & hydrosols for cuts, scrapes, bites, bugs, stress, fear, and other common ailments
  • Creating & following a recipe and choosing ingredients for a given situation
  • Understanding Stress in Dogs (they've got lots...just like humans!)
  • Canine massage (our very own shop dogger will be on hand to demo this one...and you can try it too!)
  • How diet can affect our doggers - special talk with the owner of Unleashed Dogs in Calgary

Additional Details

You will also receive a copy of The Aromatic Dog by Nayana Morag with your registration; this is the text we use to practice Zoopharmacognosy.

This is an ideal workshop for pet owners and animal professionals that are interested in learning more about holistic care. We hope it may inspire you to learn more for the benefit of the animals in your care and your own life!

Dates, Times & Logistics

Upcoming Dates: Select Below!

Time: Weekends: 10 am - 2:30 pm

Instructor: Jill Hawker

Fee: $98 + GST

Maximum 10 students per class.

Please make sure to read our Cancellation Policy in case you're unable to attend!

Please note that this product is excluded from our online order Free Shipping over $100 as this is a class.

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