Green Umbrella Reusable Tampon Applicator Kit - Regular/Super

Between 3,000 and 3,500 tampons and applicators are found on Canadian beaches every year, but the Green Umbrella Reusable Tampon Applicator is here to change that! Keep the ease and comfort of an applicator and ditch the waste with this easy-to-use alternative. With a convenient carry case, storage tube, and organic cotton tampon refills, this kit contains everything you need to begin your reduced-waste period journey.

The regular/super (pink) reusable applicator best fits regular and super tampons.

Product Info
  • This reusable tampon applicator is made of medical grade thermoplastic elastomer
  • Approved by Health Canada for use up to 10 years
  • One reusable tampon applicator can divert up to 9100 plastic applicators from going to the landfill
What's Included
  • Carrying Case
  • Applicator Storage Tube
  • Reusable Tampon Applicator
  • Applicator-Free Tampons (16)
  • How To Clean

    During Period

  • Take the reusable applicator apart
  • Rinse with warm, running water
  • After Period

  • Clean all pieces with unscented soap and rinse thoroughly
  • Let dry completely
  • Unfortunately, due to the nature of this item, we cannot accept any returns.

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