Hot Chocolate Refill

$4.32 per 100 g

Our rich and satisfying hot chocolate is made with cocoa powder and raw cane sugar. Perfect for a brisk winter's day, we recommend heating this cocoa by stovetop or microwave with a cup of whole milk. Then breathe in deeply, reset and enjoy this tasty treat!


Plain Jane: keep it classic with this smooth cocoa.

All Things Chill: smooth chocolate with a hint of mint, this cocoa mix is perfect for those looking for a bit of winter chill in every cup.

Kickin' Cocoa: this cup has kick! Blended with chili powder, this spicy hot chocolate is sure to wake you up and deliver that perk you need to get through the day.

Cardamom Rose: floral and spicy, this delicate mix is blended with cardamom for some added zest.

Gingerbread: a holiday classic! Notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, tonka bean, ginger, clove and star anise merge to create the perfect holiday blend that the whole family will enjoy.


Plain Jane: Cane Sugar*, Raw Cocoa Powder*

All Things Chill: Cane Sugar*, Raw Cocoa Powder*, Peppermint Leaf*, Spearmint Leaf*.

Kickin' Cocoa: Cane Sugar*, Raw Cocoa Powder*, Ginger Root*, Chili Powder*, Refined Sea Salt.

Cardamom Rose: Cane Sugar*, Raw Cocoa Powder*, Cardamom*, Rose Petals*.

Gingerbread: Cane Sugar*, Raw Cocoa Powder*, Cinnamon*, Nutmeg*, Tonka Bean*, Ginger*, Clove*, Star Anise.

*= organic


Add two to three tablespoons to your favourite hot liquid (water, milk, almond or oat milk). Stir and enjoy!

Packaging Options

All of our refillable products have packaging options associated with them:

  • DRY GOODS are packaged in a recyclable paper bag or a returnable mason jar (deposit required) for pick up orders, and a 100% compostable resealable bag for shipping orders
  • LIQUIDS are packaged in either a returnable mason jar (deposit required), or into an amber glass bottle with a phenolic cap
  • PACKAGING COSTS are included in the purchase price:
    • $0.15 for bags (paper or resealable)
    • $2.50 jar deposit on Masons 1L or less
    • $5.00 jar deposit 1.8 L Masons
    • Amber glass bottles - varies with size

How Mobile Refill Works

Order your refill in the increments below. We'll pour your product into the correct size Mason jar, tag it and add it to your pick up / delivery order. When you're all finished and need a refill, we'll pick up your empties on our next delivery and credit you back your deposit...just like the milk man!

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