Lemon Balm Seeds

Latin:Melissa officinalis

Lemon Balm is an upright, tender perennial that grows to about two feet. Its stems are hairy and branching. The leaves are 2"-3" long, oval or heart shaped, deeply wrinkled and have scalloped edges. Flowers are white to light blue and occur in whorls around the leave axils. Leaves are opposite each other on square stems, like most members of the mint family. Excellent companion and bee plant. Refreshing tea from the leaves. Perennial.

About Salt Spring Seeds

A passionate gardener since he planted his backyard in Montreal at age 13, Dan Jason is committed to empowering people to grow their own food and save their own seed. Since 1976 he has lived on Salt Spring Island, BC, where he created the mail order seed company Salt Spring Seeds, which specializes in heritage and heirloom open-pollinated and non-GMO seed varieties of vegetables and plants.

As an active critic of genetically modified seeds, patents on living organisms and industrial agriculture in general, he is a dedicated educator on sustainable organic gardening and farming, food politics, seed saving, and a farmer of beautiful gardens full of vegetables, grains, medicinal and culinary herbs and flowers.

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