Lilac: A Master Blend

Lilac: A Master Blend

Alas! The grass is beginning to green, the trees are starting to bud, and spring is in the air. The warming weather will soon bring forth flowering plants and a springtime favourite – the lilac. The lilac bush is one of the first flowering plants of spring that is both fragrant and beautiful. As much as the scent of lilac is adored, its fragrance is one that is fleeting. Its bushels of purple flowers scent greet us in the spring and departs from us in the summer. Many probably have noticed that there is no lilac essential oil or absolute on the market.

The aromatic compounds in the lilac flower are nearly impossible to acquire… Those who do succeed only end up with a small amount of essential oil that is obtained at high material costs. The reason for this is due to the flower’s chemical composition. The lilac flower does not contain enough aromatic compounds, lilac aldehyde, to be economically isolated through methods of steam distillation or solvent extraction. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to do without. The art of perfuming allows us to recreate those hard-to-get scents found in nature.  The following is a formula designed to imitate the fleeting scent of lilac flowers.

Lilac Master Blend

The total amount created by this recipe is appropriate for a 10ml perfume at a 10% dilution. You can dilute the master blend in any carrier oil of your choice. However, jojoba and fractionated coconut oil are top choices of perfumists! Use this blend in the diffuser, or place it in a 10 mL roller bottle and top up (to the shoulder of the bottle) with carrier oil.

Curious about dilutions for different applications? Check out our Blending Info and Dilution Table!

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Posted by Laura on 5/27/2020 to Diffuser Blends