Marjoram essential oil (wildcrafted)
Latin Name:Origanum marjorana
Method:steam distilled
Description: Marjoram is a heady essential oil, with a deep, warming spice that is surrounded by a mild sweetness, and is most noted for its potent sedating effects.

It is useful for clearing bruises, healing minor wounds, and reducing toothaches. It has been shown to be beneficial when treating bronchitis, breathing difficulties, respiratory distress & infections, snoring, headaches, migraines, arthritis, muscle aches & stiffness, muscle spasms, sprains, rheumatism, irregular heartbeat, constipation, flatulence, digestive infections & complaints, and ulcers.

Marjoram is also known for assisting in regulating menstrual cycles, providing relief from painful periods, as well as tension, moodiness, and anxiety associated with PMS. It is considered an anaphrodisiac (curbs excessive sexual appetite) and may also assist in the removal (or repelling) of ticks.

This essential oil is excellent for tackling strong emotions and hindering fears. It is commonly used to address high stress issues, nervous tension, impatience, grief, panic, psychosis (to an extent), and sharp sadness. It may be used to combat feelings of claustrophobia, oppression, and irritability. It has been used to assist in the release of obsessions, and sometimes helps to relieve deep trauma.

The subtle (energetic) properties of Marjoram don't stray too far from its core psychological benefits. Said to allow individuals to embrace their unconscious fears, it allows one to step away from fears with comfort and support. It's a powerful tool for individuals suffering from grief, as it will assist in acceptance of deep, emotional loss. Marjoram is said to increase the attraction of love, happiness, health, and wealth, as well as promote our ability to give. It may be useful for those attempting a period of celibacy (particularly after a break up), and may help us to forgive without judgment or criticism, for no other reason than to have an untroubled heart.

Contraindications: Not recommended for use during the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Use caution around those with asthma, low blood pressure, and acute depression. It has been suggested that prolonged overuse may deaden the emotions, though regular proper use should not have this effect.

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