Masontops Chalk Tops Blackboard Mason Jar Lids

If you can never remember to label your mason jars, these chalkboard tops are an essential addition to your kitchen toolbox.

Introducing Chalk Tops, the world's first premium all-in-one chalkboard lid for Mason jars. These BPA-free lids work straight out of the box without the need to mess around with stickers. Use them and reuse them over and over again without wasting your canning lids!

The special Chalk Top surface can be written on with chalk and non-permanent chalk marker. These mason jar lids are available in either wide or regular mouth size. Up your fridge and pantry storage game with these handy blackboard lids and you'll never need to compost your mystery leftovers again!

Price is per 1 lid. Available in either regular or wide mouth size. Need a mason jar band? We have those available too!

Product Info

  • Reusable blackboard lid can be written on with chalk and non-permanent chalk marker
  • Designed to fit either wide mouth or regular mouth mason jars
  • Made of food-safe tin
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