Masontops Kefir Cap Brewing Lid

Make your own kefir quickly and easily at home with any wide mouth mason jar!

Milk and water kefir are fermented beverages, like kombucha, loaded with probiotics and other healthy bacteria. Milk kefir can be made with a variety of milks, including cows milk or coconut milk, and water kefir is fermented with a simple sugar-water solution, but can also be made with coconut water.

Price is per one cap in your choice of blue or green

Product Info

  • Fits wide mouth mason jar
  • Can be used to activate dehydrated milk and water kefir grains, or ferment milk and water kefir
  • Unique 2-piece lid design — twist to open to allow airflow during activation/fermentation, turn to closed for moving/storing
  • Strainer lid included for easy pouring
  • Cap functions as a measuring cup — measure your grains and sugar with the 1/4 cup measuring cap
  • Made of food-safe BPA-free and dishwasher safe plastic
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