Masontops Pickle Pebble Fermentation Weights

Make your own sauerkraut, pickles and kimchi at home in wide mouth mason jars!

Pickle pebbles are specifically designed to keep your fermenting veggies below the brine to prevent mold. Keep your vegetables fully submerged during the fermentation process with these lead-free lids made of non-porous, food safe glass. These handy lids are easy to press down and remove with ergonomic, non-slip finger grips.

Sold individually or in a pack of 4.

Product Info

  • 2.75" diameter x 1" thick
  • Fits wide mouth mason jar mouths
  • Certified lead-free, food-grade and non-porous glass
  • Not intended for heat processing

Fermented vegetables are delicious, loaded with probiotics, and easy to make at home. Mason jars are the perfect vessel to ferment in: they're easy to find, fit perfectly in kitchen cupboards, are dishwasher safe, and versatile. That's why Masontops created an entire suite of products for fermenting vegetables in Mason jars, including Pickle Pebbles. If you don't already have Mason jars, you can order some here.

Pickle Pebbles ensure vegetables stay submerged under the liquid brine during the fermentation process to prevent mold spoilage. They're perfectly weighted for Mason jar use: only one Pickle Pebble is needed per ferment! These handy weights also feature small finger grip grooves for easy removal.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars

So glad I got these!

I can't say enough good things about these weights. My least favourite part of fermenting has been improvising a way to keep the the veggies or fruit fully submerged and worrying about it. As soon as I got these I did up a batch up apple scrap vinegar and you just drop them in, no fiddling or worrying. It was so easy it was almost anticlimactic. Also The Apothecary shipped super fast so I was able to use them pretty quickly.

from Manitoba - 10/30/2020

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