Moss Creek Wool Dryer Balls

Made from 100% merino crossbred wool, these dryer balls are a game-changer when it comes to drying your laundry.

Unlike chemical-laden dryer sheets, our wool dryer balls are completely natural and free from harmful substances. With their gentle and natural properties, these dryer balls are suitable for all types of fabrics, including baby clothes and delicates.

So how do they work? Simply toss a few dryer balls into your dryer along with your wet laundry, and let the magic happen. As they tumble and circulate, they create space between your clothes, allowing hot air to flow more efficiently. This improved airflow reduces drying time by up to 25%, saving you both time and energy. Plus, the increased air circulation helps to prevent static cling and reduce wrinkles, leaving your clothes soft, fluffy, and wrinkle-free.

Available in white, grey, and brown.

Made in Canada by Moss Creek Wool Works.

About the Wool

The difference between the wool colours is that the wool is from different breeds of sheep! The wool is never dyed, which means there is no chance of colour transfer while drying.

All colours tumble equally well. Customers like to choose the colour based on their own aesthetic. In fact, many decide to mix the colours.

The white wool is from Corriedale sheep from ranches in Wyoming and Montana and is processed in a wool mill in Charleston SC.

The grey and brown wool comes from Corriedale and Polksworth sheep from the UK and the EU and is processed in a mill in the UK.

About Moss Creek Wool Works

Based in Toronto, Moss Creek Wool Works was born out of a desire for a more sustainable life and a passion for handmade products. Our roots trace back to Farmers Markets and Craft shows. A true community-based company, our original “production team" was a group of stay-at-home parents felting during school hours.

Soon we started to connect with local stores who helped us reach new consumers and wider markets. As wool dryer balls started to gain traction, we realized it was time to set up a workshop and a full-time team of Felters. Today, our wool dryer balls are sold across North America, Italy, UK, Sweden and even in Australia the home of Merino sheep.

How to Use

Throw 3-6 dryer balls straight into the drum with your wet laundry. That's it!

To add a light scent to your laundry, you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil and rub them together so that the oil absorbs into the ball.

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