Neem Seed Oil
Latin Name:Azadirachta indica
Country of Origin:India
Extraction Method:Expeller Pressed
Unrefined, GMO Free, Kosher, Vegan
Plant Part(s):
Poor, does not absorb easily into skin

This distinct and strong-smelling oil is well-known for its ability to target microorganisms on the skin and combat insect infestations on household plants. It is a powerful antibacterial and antifungal, renowned for its potential to heal and soothe a wide variety of skin disorders. We recommend using it up to a 10% dilution to prevent the strong smell, as well as its prolonged effect on the liver and kidneys. It is suitable in dilutions up to 3% in hand and foot care and 1-2% for insects.

Product Info

Contains oleic acids (omega 9), stearic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acids (omega 6), alpha linoleic acid (omega 3), vitamin E, carotenoids, nimbin, azadirachtin.

Recommended Uses

Neem can be used in skin and hair care — it may assist with soothing dryness, repairing damage, removing bacteria, eliminating head and body lice and nourishing the scalp. It is a natural insect repellent, emollient and moisturizer that may enhance elasticity, smooth wrinkles and stimulate collagen production. Neem is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, astringent, regulating and pediculicidal. In skincare, it is known to assist with psoriasis, acne, eczema, scabies, warts, herpes, ringworm, lice and shingles. In plant care, neem is antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-parasitic. It may be useful in eliminating acne-causing bacteria.

Shelf Life & Storage

Users can expect a shelf life of up to 2 years with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended. If refrigerated, bring to room temperature before using. Keep oxygen out of the bottle and rebottle into smaller sizes as oil is used.

Contraindications & Safety

Use up to 10% in skincare preparations. Not suitable for pregnant women. Long term use has been linked to liver and kidney disfunction. Not for ingestion.


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This product has not been evaluated by the CFIA or Health Canada. This information is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We recommend consulting with a certified health practitioner before beginning use.

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