Oil of the Month Club

The Apothecary's Oil of the Month Club (OMC) is perfect for those looking to learn more about essential oils and incorporating them to their everyday life. It's also great for those who currently work with oils and are looking to expand their inventory and knowledge. Each month members will receive a sample of a high-quality pure essential oil. These oils are perfect for aromatherapy, body care, and perfumery. As always, we work with distillers and suppliers who sustainably harvest and the majority of the oils are organic.

What's really interesting about this club is that some months you may get a sample that's worth even more than what you're paying (did you know that Rose otto is approximately $3.00 per drop???), because we want to share them with you.

Please note that the pricing reflected is for addresses in Canada and is excluded from our online order Free Shipping over $100 as this ships separately from other products you may purchase.


OMC Member Benefits
  • You will receive a 3 - 6 drop sample of precious oils and 10 - 20 drops for more conventional oils
  • You will learn about each oil in depth: Common & Latin names, botanical family, country of origin, part of plant used, chemistry, extraction method, therapeutic uses, safety information, common uses, history, blending information, and more
  • You'll receive new recipes each month that can be used in everyday life. The recipes will be easy to follow and make, using ingredients that are readily available.
  • A 20% OFF coupon with every OMC that is valid for the month in which you receive it.
  • Discover oils and blends you never would have thought to use otherwise
  • Grow your collection and education!
Subscription Options

Choose from 3, 6 or 12 month subscription duration:

  • 3 months: $30
  • 6 months: $48 (save 20% off the 3 month cost!)
  • 12 months: $84 (save 30% off the 3 month cost!)
Additional Info
  • We ship our OMC letters on the first of every month, so you should see it within 2-6 business days (depending on your location in Canada and other Canada Post delays)
  • All orders are sent via padded mailer non-standard envelope with an oversized stamp, and so we do not have tracking numbers available for your order
  • Orders are shipped to the mailing address provided with your order - if you need to update your address, please contact us immediately so you don't miss a shipment!
  • If you've placed an order for the OMC within the first 5 business days of the month, we'll send you that months' mailing, however any orders received after that date will be placed on the next mailing cycle
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Customer Reviews

5 Stars

Oil of the Month Club

I ordered oils for the year, the first one was Peppermint which I love! It is very refreshing. It came with a card full of great info on it and how to use it.

from Calgary - 1/22/2022

5 Stars

Oil of the month

Lots of information on the oil you receive. Nice to try oils you might not normally purchase because of the price. Love it !

from Alberta - 10/30/2018

5 Stars

Oils for the Year

I ordered sample oils for a year, and the first one was Bergamot. It comes in a beautiful card with a picture of the Bergamot plant. The write-up is more informed than the website (it tells you that the phototoxic properties have been removed). I compared this to another organic Bergamot I had on hand and they are equally fragrant and refreshing. I am pleased with their first selection.

from Elliot Lake - 1/22/2018

5 Stars

Oil of the Month Club review.

Hello, I was emailed and asked to review my first receipt of Oil of the Month Club. I must say that I'm impressed, I like all the information, recipe and such that comes with the oil. My only complaint is the vile is comes in. I was trying to tap a couple drops into my Neutralizer and it would not come out, then it ALL came out. :( Perhaps if the lid had a stick/wand attached, or a dripping top like other oils. Thanks

from Calgary - 6/24/2016

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