Honey Candles Pastel Birthday Beeswax Candles

A pack of 20 pure beeswax birthday candles in a rainbow of Honey Candles® pastel colors (Mountain Jade, Glacier Teal, Spring Crocus (purple), Paris Pink and Pearl), you'll love these beeswax birthday cake candles.

Made with all natural Canadian 100% pure beeswax, colored with safe and environmentally-friendly, non-toxic dyes, and best of all, beeswax birthday candles won't drip all over your birthday cake.

Why Honey Candles?

They are made only from 100% pure beeswax – the only naturally occurring candle wax! No chemical processing or additives required!

They are made only from the finest 100% pure Canadian beeswax. No mixing, or cutting with other waxes.

Every candle is handmade and hand packaged in Canada.

Our paper and packaging are either recycled or recyclable (usually both) - and all sourced locally!

Honey Candles have no expiry date, they won’t go rancid or melt on a summer day.

They burn beautifully with a bright, warm amber glow.

Honey Candles smell fantastic! An all-natural gentle honey aroma

Beeswax candles naturally burn cleaner, brighter, and hotter than other wax choices.

They are made from beeswax which doesn’t require dedicated land use.

Honey Candles® offers one of the widest variety of beeswax candles of any company in North America and we are always working on the next new candle to join the lineup.

Product Info

  • Size: 3" h x 1/4" d
  • 20 min burn time per candle
  • Includes 20 birthday candles per package
  • Handmade in Canada | Made with local beeswax | Lead and metal free wick

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    Customer Reviews

    5 Stars

    You need to SMELL THESE

    In my ongoing quest to reduce plastic in my kitchen, and in a related quest to shop local / Canadian, these candles are a lovely find. I really wish you could smell how sweet they are! I remember how my mom always kept a package of candles tucked away in a cupboard for birthdays, and I am thrilled that these are made of a sustainable, locally sourced material. Lovely pastel colours.

    from Cold Lake - 4/25/2020

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