Peppermint Soap Grade
Latin Name:Mentha piperita
Method:steam distilled

Peppermint is a scent commonly found in many cleaning products. It has amazing anti-septic and anti-infectious properties and is also a bactericide (this means that it not only repels bacteria but also kills it!!). It’s also an effective stimulant so it will help boost you into that butt kickin’ energy spree you need to tackle chores. 

Try adding Peppermint and Scotch Pine essential oil to your mop water for the kitchen or bathroom. These two will work as a great duo as the Peppermint will disinfect and kill bacteria where-as Scotch Pine will help keep mold and fungus at bay. 

Rub-a-dub-dub, Peppermint for cleaning the tub.
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