Petitgrain essential oil (wildcrafted)
Latin Name:Citrus aurantium var amara
Method:steam distilled
Description: Oh the fresh, floral and bitter sweet aroma of petitgrain, how it lifts our spirits and calms any anxiety. Coming from the bitter orange tree, which also provides us with Neroli blossom and Orange essential oils, petitgrain is distilled from the leaves and young tips of twigs. In earlier centuries, one may find it interesting to note that it was not the leaves and twigs used but the unripe fruit, still green and no bigger than a cherry. This is actually where the name comes from: “petit-grain" meaning little grain or little fruit. But not surprisingly, this made it rather uneconomical for the harvesting of fully grown oranges.

Petitgrain is noted for its tonic and antiseptic effect on the skin; helping to clear up acne, blemishes, pimples and boils. It is also a very important ingredient in the original Eau de Cologne toilet water, making it ideal as a top middle note in perfumes or added in a facial toner (for the above reasons) or to a facial mist, taking advantage of its calming, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-stress, self confidence and balancing qualities.

Petitgrain is antibacterial, a deodorant, digestive stimulant, nervine, sedative and a tonic to the body. The oil can help with any nervous condition, general debility, self confidence, insomnia and stress.

Contraindications: none known.

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5 Stars

Sleep & Relaxation

I love mixing this oil with a carrier oil before bedtime and putting it on my feet and shoulders. I take a few deep breaths and it helps me relax before bedtime.

from Calgary - 4/27/2020

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