Mandarin, Red essential oil (organic)
Latin Name:Citrus reticulata
Method:cold pressed
Description: Lovers of Patchouli will often quickly fall in love with Red Mandarin, as it has unique, earthy citrus scent with tart undertones that is quite enticing! It's also found in a mother s collection of oils, as it's considered one of the three safest essential oils for babies.

Mandarin is useful in skin care to address acne, scars, stretch marks, and is useful for congested, oily, and/or dry skin. It may help to ease difficulty with breathing, can soothe muscle spasms, increases lymphatic circulation & detoxification, and serves as a gentle immune stimulant. Red Mandarin is also an excellent companion for your digestive tract, and will benefit those suffering from indigestion, gastritis, dyspepsia, hiccups, constipation, and intestinal problems, as well as help individuals achieve healthy weight loss.

This oil has a unique to the mind, in that it supposedly helps individuals become more in sync with new routines and habits. It is also useful in calming sensitivities and excitations, tension, nervousness, stress, and helps to combat insomnia.

Mandarin is said to adults to communicate with their inner child, which can be useful for those working to resolve long standing childhood issues. It is used to enhance communication, and promote joy, happiness, and allow acceptance towards changes. It may be used to inspire a more 'live in the moment' attitude, and boost the removal of stagnant ideas.

Contraindications: It is recommended those with citrus allergies use Red Mandarin with caution. It is suggested (not proven) that both Tangerine and Mandarin are not phototoxic due to the lack of chemical that can trigger photosensitivity. 

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