Redecker Medium Ostrich Feather Duster

The ostrich feather is the queen of feather dusters. Because the individual feathers actually consist of a structure of numerous small feathers, they don’t simply “wipe” dust away but bind it effectively. Ostrich feather dusters are especially light and thus ideal for dusting glass surfaces, fragile objects, or smaller pieces that tend to topple over easily. Connoisseurs appreciate their delicate softness as well as their thorough dusting power.

Based on the season, the feathers of the ostriches may be larger or smaller, thicker or thinner, lighter or darker. For this reason, each feather duster will vary — however, this is what makes each duster unique!

You can feel good about this natural cleaning tool, free from plastic packaging that can make its way into oceans and waterways.


    Redecker is a family-owned company based in Versmold, Germany

    Founder Friedel Redecker earned his living as a brushmaker after becoming blind as a child. His inventiveness, sense of quality and persistence brought about a company that has sold high-quality, natural products for three generations.

    Sustainable Practices

    Every Redecker product is critically inspected and thoroughly tested by family members and employees before making it to our storefront in Inglewood. The Redecker line offers modern luxury in a range of hand-crafted and practical household items.

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  • Size: 50 cm
  • Materials: Varnished Wooden Handle, Ostrich Feathers
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Customer Reviews

5 Stars

Another one bites the dust (the dust bunnies)

I feel so fancy when I dust with this! It also does a great job.

from Calgary - 3/10/2021

5 Stars

stylish and effective

it dusts really well, AND it's a MEME. there're no downsides.

from calgary - 1/27/2021

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