Revol Cares Undies - The Margo

The Margo is a clean and simple mid-rise bikini style made with a 15" leak proof gusset.

Medium Protection: Great on its own for medium to light days or mid to end of cycle. Can also be used as back up for other menstrual products on heavy days for added protection. Holds up to 30ml.

  • Family-owned
  • Hand-made in Vancouver
  • Size and gender inclusive
  • About Revol Undies

    We believe that you should feel completely protected during your cycle, but you should also feel EMPOWERED, whatever that means for you. Whether it's feeling sexy, or having gender-affirming menstrual care, or period undies that actually fit you properly - no matter your size, simply whatever gets you feelin' your most badass, you'll find it here!

    All Revol undies are proudly hand-made in our sewing factory in Vancouver, BC. Since our inception, we have always focused on making the highest quality period proof undies and we have always found that producing it ourselves is the best way to keep the production up to our standards all the way through. We eliminate any waste during cutting by recycling all of our fabric scraps and we pay all of our sewing staff local living-wages with full benefits. Lastly, if any flaws occur during sewing, we still finish the undies and immediately list them on our Bruised Peach sale, to make sure all undies end up at their forever home instead of the landfill!


  • Soft, four-way stretch outer fabric
  • Protective middle layer that is breathable and leak-proof
  • Cotton/bamboo inner layer that is absorbent, breathable and naturally anti-microbial
  • Care & Content
  • Wash before first wear to ensure maximum absorbency.
  • Rinse after use, then machine wash cold/warm, hang to dry.
  • For full care instructions visit care
  • Content

  • Inner: 66% Bamboo, 28% Cotton, 6% Spandex
  • Middle: Breathable Cotton PUL
  • Outer: 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex
  • Find out more here
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