Rose Absolute (organic)
Latin Name:Rosa damascena
Method:solvent extracted
Description: Roses have long been heralded as history's most precious blossom, used to connect us to love and our heart center, to cultivate soul and emotion. Roses were in such high demand during the seventeenth century that royalty considered roses or rose water as legal tender, and they were often used as barter and for payments.

Our rose absolute is highly concentrated so please dilute to experience the maximum diversity when perfuming. Refusal to dilute can result in the extra-special, soft and subtle notes being lost.

The aroma profile of our Rose Absolute is honeyed, tart and penetrating, with just a hint of spice. It has a more 3-dimensional aroma of rose, a bit fresher than the otto. We found it incredibly hypnotic and delicious. A must-have for any perfumer, whether you have just begun to experiment or have been inventing blends for years, this is one not to be missed. This incredible extract can help people engage more readily with their emotional selves, opening up channels of communication and empathy. It can help alleviate feelings of depression (especially in combination with EOs like bergamot, frankincense, and more!).

The main difference between Rose Otto and Rose Absolute is the extraction method. Our Rose Otto is hydro-distilled whereas the Absolute is extracted with a solvent such as Ethyl Alcohol or Hexane. In an aromatherapeutic context, Rose Otto is the oil that should be used, rather than the Absolute which is best-suited to perfuming.

Contraindications: Dilute before using.
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5 Stars

Rose Oil

Beautiful oil

from Calgary - 6/19/2023

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