Sayula Root Brush

Easily scrub pots clean and remove dirt and grime off root vegetables with the Sayula Root Brush. Featuring naturally stiff roots that act as effective scouring brushes that easily life off baked on foods and grim. Unlike plastic, these roots will not melt when cleaning hot pots. The Sayula Root Brush measures 14cm or 5.5" H.

The environmentally friendly and socially responsible Sayula Root Brush is made of the root of a grass species that naturally grows in Mexico. The Zacaton grass does not require much water, or use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers. Sayula works directly with rural Mexican communities, in an attempt to improve quality of life by providing a stable income and fair market prices that directly benefit people within those communities. The Sauyla Root Brush is handmade from a co-operative in Mexico.

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