Fir, Silver essential oil (wildcrafted)
Latin Name:Abies alba
Method:steam distilled
Silver Fir is considered to be the most 'grounding' of the fir oils, as it has a thick, herb-like scent. It does maintain the familiar 'leafy freshness', but on a significantly lighter scale.

Of the Fir oils, Silver Fir is best for deep chest conditions. Similar to its siblings, it is able to combat chronic bronchitis, chills, cough, sinusitis, muscular & arthritic pain, cold, flu & fever, as well as urinary infections.

All Fir oils may be used to gain insight into childhood behavior, which in turn can help release feelings of insecurity, fear, jealousy and anger. It is said to increase our natural intuition, balance emotions, and remove energetic blocks. Being a gentle sedative, it can enable our conscious mind to take a much needed break from time to time, which can allow for new guidance to surface.

Contraindications: None listed.
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