Small Change: Big Impact

Meet Our New Waste Diversion Initiative

On March 12, 2018, we’re introducing a new, multi-part initiative meant to divert waste from the system while also giving back to the community.

We’re doing this in three simple steps — with your help! When you shop in the store, you can take part by doing the following:

Step 1: Refuse the Bag

When you refuse a bag (for any purchase that would have warranted one), we’ll give you a nickel to donate to one of our “Charities of Choice.”

Need the bag? That’s okay! We are sharing the cost and our signature paper bags are still available, now at a 25 cent cost.

Step 2: Refill Your Container

For every container you bring in and have refilled, you will also receive a nickel to give to one of our “Charities of Choice.”

Need a container? That’s okay! We sell those! Take your pick between clean, repurposed containers or new containers fresh off the shelf.

Step 3: Choose a Charity

Now for the fun part: check out our “Charities of Choice” jars behind the counter and tell us which ones you’d like to give your nickels to. We’ll switch up the charities every couple of months, but our first three are the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, PALS (Pet Access League Society) and KidSport. In each round of charities, we’ll be making an effort to choose one organization that supports women; one animal welfare organization; and one organization focused on children or the arts.

There is one more way you can help us divert waste: if you have a glut of reusable (cloth) shopping bags, feel free to bring them in for others to use and save an extra few bags! Just make sure they are clean.

We owe a huge thanks to Earth's General Store in Edmonton for the idea for this program. If you’re in Edmonton and trying to go zero waste, or looking to leave less of a footprint on the Earth, be sure to check out this amazing store!

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Posted by Lindsay on 3/7/2018 to General Info