Stone Soap Plate

Made with natural stones and handcrafted in Alberta, these soap dishes are the perfect companion to any of our natural soaps. Keep it sink-side or in the shower and say good-bye to soft, mushy soap forever!

Elegant and effective, these unique plates come in five beautiful colours and will extend the life of your bar soap by up to 50%.


    Slate features smaller pebbles in dark, slate grey with flecks of brown and black.

    Coral is designed with smaller salmon pink and white pebbles flecked with grey stones.

    Pearl is lighter in colour and contains small white pebbles flecked with grey and beige.

    Roan is a robust, brick red with bigger pebbles in brown, grey and beige.

    Beach features larger pebbles in natural shades of white, grey and black.

Care Instructions

    To clean, simply rub with a brush (toothbrush or other bristled brush) under warm water. Do not soak or use cleaners on your stone soap plate.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars

Beautiful soap dishes

I started with one soap dish for my bathroom sink and now have 3 for all my bathrooms! They are perfect.

from Calgary - 6/19/2023

5 Stars

Soap Stone Plate

These are so fantastic! I have two in my shower (one for my bar soap and one for my shampoo bar). Not only are they so pretty, they’re so well made that I think I’ll have them forever. They drain the soap nicely, so that the bars never stick to it or turn to mush. Everyone should have these!

from Calgary - 3/5/2021

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