Sweetsmith Candy Co Sugar-Free Sea Salt English Toffee

$6.00 per 100 g

Sweetsmith's Sea Salt Chocolate Toffee offers a buttery smooth flavour topped in rich medium dark chocolate. This tried and true classic begins with a crunch and ends with you begging for more!

Gluten-free | Egg-free | Vegetarian

Your brittle will come packaged in a compostable paper bag.


    Sweetsmith candies are handmade with love in Strathmore, Alberta, Canada (2 hours away from Banff National Park and Lake Louise!)

Product Info

    About Isomalt

    Sweetsmith Sugar-Free candies are sweetened with isomalt, a sugar replacer made from pure beet sugar with a glycemic index of 2. It is the number one sugar replacer worldwide in hard candies.

    Isomalt falls into the category of sugar alcohols. It doesn't cause dental decay, and it behaves like a fibre instead of a sugar when it is digested. We recommend eating less than 25g of isomalt per day. If you've never had a candy with isomalt before, try having just a little bit at first, then the other half later. We also recommend only to eat sugar free candies after eating a meal, not on an empty stomach.


    Brittle and toffee can last up to 6 months when stored in a cool, dry area. It is also freezer-friendly for up to 1 year in an airtight container.

Nutrition Facts

    Sweetsmith Candy Co Sugar-Free English Toffee Nutrition Facts

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