Tea Light Wick with Tab

This tea light wick is a uniquely braided, coreless, flat wick manufactured with stabilizing threads that allow for a very stable and consistent flame. These wicks are prepped and ready to use for any of your DIY candlemaking projects!

The clean burning wick minimizes carbon buildup while reducing smoke and soot. These wicks are commonly used with paraffin waxes but can also be used successfully with soy or beeswax.

Price is per 1 wick.

Product Info

    For use in Tea Lites, Votives, & Floaters where a small flame and longer burn is desired.

    2.5 inch length wick.


    Choosing the correct type and size wick is one of the most important steps to a great burning candle. There are many variables — such as wax type, fragrance level, dye and style of container — that can affect how a candle burns. In the case of some larger diameter candles, one wick may not be enough and multiple wicks are required for the candle to burn optimally. We recommend that you always TEST, TEST, TEST before manufacturing several to ensure you have chosen the correct wick for your candle.

    For accurate test results, start your test burn 12-24 hours after pouring and burn your candle for 3-4 hours at a time, allowing the wax to fully harden between burns, re-trimming your wick to the appropriate length before re-lighting.

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