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July 1, 2021
Today, we've opted to shut down our online store and will be taking time to reflect on the continued injustices faced by the Indigenous Peoples of the land now called Canada, as well as our role to play in reconciliation.

If you were looking to purchase with us today, we ask that you instead consider making a donation to the Indian Residential School Survivor's Society (IRSSS), which we will match. Once your donation is complete, email us a copy of your donation receipt. These receipts are for tallying purposes for us, as we are dedicated to matching donations up to $1000.


According to the On Canada Project, the average Canadian spends about $91 on fireworks on Canada Day. If you are financially able to, we invite you to join us in donating $91 (or whatever you can) to IRSSS today.

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Our site will reopen on July 2