Thyme ct Thymol essential oil (Red Thyme, organic)
Latin Name:Thymus vulgaris thymol
Country of Origin:Spain
Extraction Method:steam distilled
Growing Method:
Plant Part(s):flowering tops
Odour Intensity:7

Winter can be long and cold and we all deserve a little stimulation to shake those snow-blues!

Red Thyme (also known as Thyme Thymol) is a heavy-hitter for your aromatherapy arsenal. This spicy essential oil is distilled from the pinky-purple flowering tops of a perennial shrub that grows at sea-level. There are several different chemotypes of Thyme available (linalool, geraniol, thujanol), and this one is one of the most powerful. This oil deserves our respect and earned its name “Red” Thyme for a reason: it can cause severe irritation to our bodies if used incorrectly!

More Details

Historically, dried Thyme has been burned as an aerial disinfectant in hospitals, applied in poultices, as an ingredient in teas and to flavour cooking.

Red Thyme/Thyme thymol has a very warming (read: spicy), herbaceous and stimulating scent profile. Sensitive individuals might experience intense reactions smelling Red Thyme directly from the bottle, so exercise caution when first interacting with this oil. We consider Red Thyme a precious oil as it is more expensive (lower yield) to produce. This complements the light hand we would utilize this oil with.

The active agents in Red Thyme are Thymol and Carvacrol (found in Oregano). These are the constituents responsible for its incredible fungicidal/bactericidal powers. Using this oil safely can seem tricky, but do not fear! Correct dilution (no more than 1.5%)/dosage of Red Thyme will ensure its efficacy. Use to ease flu chills, encourage blood flow, stimulate most of the body’s systems (digestive, nervous, immune, detox) and kickstart your immune system.

Our chilly dispositions (and faces) are warmed by Thyme Thymol, stirring up creative flow, getting us moving and melting the snow off our minds. It can ease feelings of frigidity and push us forward to Spring!

Contraindications / Safety

Strong dermal irritant. Thyme Thymol is not to be used on those with sensitive skin, those under the age of twelve, pregnant individuals, or in the bath (unless it is foot bath). Maximum dermal percentage is 1.5%.

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