Vanilla Beans

Finally, you can get gourmet vanilla beans in bulk — minus the plastic packaging!

These sweet + scrumptious vanilla beans from Tribal Vanilla are grown and cured in the tropical region of Ibanda, Uganda where some of the world's most aromatic Grade A vanilla beans originate. These high-quality, grade A vanilla beans are sourced from small-scale Ugandan farmers through a direct fair trade business model.

Direct Fair Trade | Sustainable | Gluten-Free | Vegan


The story of Tribal Vanilla began many years ago in a small pueblo in Mexico. Our founders stumbled across some true, high-quality Mexican vanilla extract and they were hooked! As they made annual treks to Mexico, their friends and family would beg for them to bring back bottles of vanilla extract. Eventually, they sourced a supplier and brought back cases of the nectar to see if there was a market for it, and Tribal Vanilla was born.

High-quality, grade “A” vanilla beans from Uganda were a valuable addition to our line of gourmet vanilla products. Not only were they sourced from small-scale farmers, but the Direct Fair Trade business model these farmers were accustomed to was exactly what we were looking for. Our desire was to not just sell a premium vanilla product, but also to make a difference in the lives of the people who work so hard to produce it.

We exist to change lives by uniting communities through ethical, fair-trade farming. We pride ourselves on personal, on-the-ground connection to our farmers providing them with sustainability and improved quality of life.

How to Use

Vanilla beans add gourmet luxury to any dish! To use, split the vanilla pod lengthwise with a sharp knife. Scrape the tiny black vanilla beans out from the inside of pod and use the beans directly in any recipe. The empty pod and leftover beans can be used for infusing into any other foods such as meat, sugar, cream, drinks and more!

Store in a dark, cool location. Do not refrigerate.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars

Exceptional quality

I use vanilla beans quite frequently, for making my own extract to adding it for flavor when making certain liqueurs. These are fresh and not dried out like the ones I've purchased from Mexico in the past.

from Bonnyville - 7/30/2021

5 Stars

Amazing find

The vanilla bean was still bending, indicaing some freshness. I used it to top up my homemade extract!

from Calgary - 5/24/2021

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