Vetiver essential oil (organic)
Latin Name:Vetiveria zizanoides
Method:hydro diffused
Description: Vetiver is said to have one of the "deepest" scents, and is probably best described as campfire smoke. While this may not sound so enticing to some, the scent is rather pleasant, and a favorite among much of the staff here at The Apothecary.

This oil is quite persistent on the skin, and has been used to address acne, cuts, (minor) irritated wounds, infections, and inflammation. It is beneficial to those dealing with arthritis, muscle aches/pains, sprains, rheumatism, poor circulation, PMS, and postpartum depression. Additionally, Vetiver may be used to cool fevers, stimulate depressed immune systems, reduce impotence & frigidity, and is thought to help detoxify connective tissue.

Vetiver is quite beneficial to one's mind, particularly those that lack an "off switch". It is incredibly grounding, and is useful in combating debility, depression, insomnia, nervous tension, stress related concerns, metal & physical exhaustion, feelings of light-headedness, and shock. It can potentially balance the Central Nervous System, and may assist those coming off of tranquilizers.

Energetically, Vetiver will help you attune to the earth, promoting inner strength and a deeper sense of belonging. It is used to promote positive energy, protect one's auric field, and assists individuals in developing a more positive self-image. This oil may also be used to reduce over-sensitivity, and aid those feel too vulnerable to outside forces, or those who seem to be a "psychic sponge".

We would like to note that Vetiver is a rather thick essential oil, that isn't very keen on leaving it's bottle. We recommend investing in some pipettes, as it will make working with this oil much easier.

Contraindications: None for normal dosage.

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5 Stars

Earthy and Musky

To say I am obsessed with this Vetiver essential oil is an understatement. I use to go through bottles of it every year. It is earthy and smells like the petrichor of the forest floor. It adds a natural musk and hint of smoke to any perfume. The essential oil refills really saves on the glass waste for me. I use to have a huge build up of the tiny little bottles but now I can get a singular bottle refilled.

from Calgary - 3/10/2021

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