Weck Mold Jars

Weck Jars are durable, super stylish and easy sealing. A product that has been featured in European kitchens since the 1900's, Weck Jars were created for canning and preserving food. These versatile jars can be used in place of mason jars for water-canning methods, or for storing dry food. Each jar is made with clear glass, features a glass lid with rubber ring, and two rustproof stainless steel clamps for creating an airtight seal.

Weck Mold Jars feature a wide mouth and tapered shape for easy filling. They are also stackable for easy fridge or pantry storage! These jars come in a variety of sizes to suite your needs (check out the product info below for sizes and volume).

Product Info

    740 - 290ml Short Mold Jar: Height: 2 1/8" Opening: 3 7/8" Volume: 9.8 fl oz.

    741 - 370ml Mold Jar: Height: 2 5/8" Opening: 3 7/8" Volume: 12.5 fl oz.


    At the beginning of the last century, the J. WECK Company was founded in Oflingen Germany. At this time, they developed and introduced the home-canning method for glass jars. Since then WECK has made this method popular not only in Germany and Europe, but worldwide.

    WECK is continually working in the field of home canning research. Specializing in all problems and questions concerning home canning, WECK has continuously developed and improved home-canning methods with the aid of its long experience as well as the constant ideas and innovations of the canning experts at WECK

Care Instructions

    Microwaveable and freezer safe. Dishwasher safe.

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