Well Kept Safety Razor - Litchfield Black

The safety razor may seem intimidating at first, but we promise in practice it really isn't. With its single blade, the safety razor is more precise and needs only to be run over your skin once, rather than numerous times. It causes less irritation, and provides a nice, close shave.

This matte black razor comes from a collaboration with Litchfield. It is a solid brass safety razor and comes with one blade, and as an added bonus, these razors can be used with a shave oil, allowing you to shave and moisturize simultaneously. Time saved!

Benefits of a safety razor

How does the well kept safety razor contribute to sustainability?

  • razor is made of solid brass and designed to last a lifetime
  • razor and blades are plastic free
  • blades are recyclable
  • packaging of both blades and razor are recyclable

How you save:

  • replacement blades are a fraction of the cost (we sell them for $0.70 vs. multi-blade cartridges that cost between $3-7)
  • although initially more expensive, after only two years, a safety razor will save you minimum $23 (the more you shave, the more you save)
  • after five years that number increases to $143

What makes the shave better?

  • a single sharp blade provides a close shave, while reducing irritation
  • weighted handle allows you to shave without applying any pressure, again, reducing irritation
  • occurrence of in-grown hairs is dramatically reduced
  • can be used with a moisturizing shave oil (shave & moisturize simultaneously)

Setting up your razor

This is so simple, yet for those who’ve never done it, not immediately obvious. Your solid brass razor is comprised of three pieces to which you’ll add a fourth (the blade).

Take hold of your razor in one hand, then grip the head of the razor in the other. Be sure to pinch from the top and bottom in order to avoid the blade which protrudes from the sides. Unscrew the handle and gently lay the pieces on whichever surface you’re working on.

If you’re changing out the blade this is a great time to give all three pieces a good rinse. If you’ve been using the shave oil, a quick bath in soapy water works really well (we usually use a bit of dish soap which cuts the oil no problem).

Putting it back together is simple:

  • Just position the blade (piece 2 in photo 3, above) onto the top cover (piece 1).
  • Position pieces 3 on top of the blade ensuring the spacer (the elevated square visible on piece 3) touches the blade. If you place this piece backwards you'll find it impossible to shave, as the black will be flush and won't ever touch your skin!
  • Finally, screw the handle (piece 4) back into place. Remember to hold the head steady from the top and bottom rather than sides in order to avoid pinching the black (which will be brand new, and SHARP!)

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