Why We Love Harmonic Arts: Teas, Syrups, & Elixirs

Why We Love Harmonic Arts: Teas, Syrups, & Elixirs

Harmonic Arts is a family-owned plant medicine company based out of beautiful Cumberland, BC. Co-founded by Yarrow Willard and Angela Willard, Harmonic Arts holds a strong commitment to supporting the health of the planet and the health of the people. We love Harmonic Arts for many reasons beyond the ground-breaking, delicious remedies it crafts, and we're about to tell you why.


Just as it's important to know where your food comes from, it's important to know where your herbs come from. Harmonic Arts ethically sources its ingredients by purchasing from a diverse range of wild foragers and organic farmers, and its clinical herbalist-formulated products are crafted in small batches to match its high standards of purity and potency. To top it off, Harmonic Arts takes sustainability practices and community impact very seriously by having 80% fully compostable packaging, being active members of the 1% For The Planet, and donating over $63,000 to forest conservation!

Harmonic Arts crafts a variety of artisan tea blends featuring organic and wild harvested herbs, with a tea fit to support each individual in maintaining health and balance. Let’s get into our top 5 favourite teas:

Adapt Tea: Rich, earthy, and woody, featuring Ashwagandha, Reishi and Rhodiola that is enjoyed to help restore balance and keep you feeling supported, calm and grounded.

Moontime Tea: floral and fruity, this tea features Cramp Bark, Vitex, and Lady’s Mantle. This tea is scrumptious hot or cold so you can sip your way to relief and soak in the self-care!

Calm Belly Tea: A fusion of refreshing, tummy-loving herbs, including Meadowsweet, Fennel and Peppermint. Perfect for sipping before or after a meal.

Clarity Tea: Clear your mind and feel focused with this citrusy, malty tea featuring Ginkgo, Gotu Kola and Holy Basil. Feel energized without the caffeine crash!

Defense Tea: This fruity, zesty tea helps you feel fortified and strong with the support from Astragalus, Elderberry and Echinacea. Perfect for long, cold winters or when you are feeling a tad run down!

Click here to see Harmonic Arts line of teas in its entirety.

Next up - the syrups! These delicious, potent syrups are created with wild-harvested herbs and mushrooms, to ensure quality syrups that are easy to use and will be enjoyed by the whole family (including the pickiest of people). Let’s dive a little deeper into our favourite syrups:

Chaga Syrup: This is the go-to syrup if you’re looking to support immunity! Chaga has been used for centuries to help ease inflammation, stabilize blood sugar, enhance digestion, and support immunity- making this syrup perfect for an antioxidant boost and immune support.

Elderberry Syrup: This high antioxidant syrup supports you in maintaining your immune system. Elderberry is traditionally used to relieve symptoms of a cold or flu, such as cough, sore throat, and fevers. Bonus? It tastes great!

Ginger Syrup: This syrup reduces inflammation and relieves indigestion, bloating and nausea.

Lung & Cough Syrup: This syrup is a must have during cold and flu season, containing herbs known to support the lungs such as Mullein and Coltsfoot, as well as cough supporting herbs such as Blue Vervain.

Click here to learn more about all of the syrups Harmonic Arts offers.

Last but not least - Elixirs! A crowd favourite, and quite possibly one of the best forms of self-care. The elixirs are also all formulated by clinical herbalists, containing ethically sourced, organic, and wild-harvested ingredients. Treat yourself to a fancy beverage without refined sugars, artificial flavours, and fillers. There are a range of flavours to tailor to each persons tastebuds! Here are our top 3:

5 Mushroom Chocolate: This velvety smooth cacao-based elixir is packed with Reishi (grounding), Chaga (can boost the body’s defense system), Lion’s Mane (known to enhance motivation and focus), Turkey Tail (restorative), and Cordyceps (build strength and stamina). These are known as the world's top 5 functional mushrooms. This Elixir is versatile, allowing you to make an iced or hot drink, hot cocoa, mocha, or a frozen treat! Check out this fun recipe from Harmonic Arts:


5 Mushroom Fudgesicles

What You’ll Need:

*available package-free at The Apothecary


How To Make It:

1. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

2. Pour mixture into popsicle molds and insert sticks.

3. Freeze for 2-4 hours until hardened.

4. Remove from the mold and enjoy!


Kickstart: Afternoon coffee craving getting to you? This robust blend of energy-boosting herbs and mushrooms is an amazing coffee substitute. Roasted Yerba Mate to energize the body, Ramon Nut for a full-bodied flavour, plus Sarsaparilla, Roasted Dandelion Root, and Chaga. This elixir is called “Kickstart” for a reason!

Matcha Mind: This is a full-bodied, mind-refreshing elixir full of mood-boosting superfoods, antioxidant-rich Moringa, and nourishing Lion’s Mane. Sip on this elixir to improve your clarity & focus, support your memory & brain health, and support your stress levels and mood. Or if you just enjoy a delicious green tea latte!

Click here provided to see the entire Elixir line from Harmonic Arts.


Can you tell we could talk about Harmonic Arts all day? Not only is the product exceptional but Harmonic Arts holds true to its core values of connecting people with the power of plant medicine. Let us know over Instagram what your favourite Harmonic Arts Tea, Syrup or Elixir is for a chance to win a $10 Apothecary gift card!


All photos courtesy of Harmonic Arts.

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