What's a Wet Bag? Why You Need This Versatile Tool In Your Life

What's a Wet Bag? Why You Need This Versatile Tool In Your Life

What's a Wet Bag?

If you have never used cloth diapers, you likely haven't heard this term. The name comes from the differentiation between wet and dry pails for cloth diapers, the former of course being where you would store your dirty cloth diapers in water, especially in the older days of cloth diapering, and the latter being where you store your diapers without water.

With parents more on-the-go than ever, wet bags were introduced. They’re so-named not because you fill them with water but because they are a secure way to store soggy items without the associated leaks.

Tiny versions of these bags are quite obviously an ideal reusable alternative to plastic resealable bags and so they’ve been appearing in eco-friendly shops for quite a few years now. We now also sell larger-sized wet bags, with straps for hanging, in our shoppe.

Are you utilizing your snack bags or wet bags to their full potential?

Here are some ideas for how to use these handy little bags — some commonplace and some more unexpected:

    Small Colibri snack bag
  1. Snacks: of course their primary purpose is to transport food for lunches, picnics and on-the-go! They’re great for fruit, nuts, crackers and any other snacks you’ve purchased in larger quantities. Do away with single-serving packs and use reusable snack bags instead.
  2. Cloth Pad Storage: have you gone sustainable with your period routine? You may face the conundrum of what to do with your washable cloth pads while you’re out and about. These little bags offer the perfect solution!
  3. Makeup: personally, I love these little guys for packing toiletries, makeup and more when I’m travelling. They contain any little leaks that might happen and keep everything together in one cute package. If you have a child headed to summer camp, these little bags are a great way to send their toothbrush and toothpaste and anything else they might need for their bathroom routine.
  4. Colibri wet bag
  5. Swimsuit Transport: slightly larger sizes of wet bags are a great place to throw the wet bathing suit(s) after the pool or beach. Wring them out as well as you can and then stash them in there until you can wash and dry. Just don’t forget about them till the next time you go swimming!
  6. Pencil Case/Art Supplies: in the right size/dimensions, these bags make a perfect pencil case. Keep art supplies together or even carry craft supplies, whatever your chosen craft may be.
  7. Ice Pack: when you’re on the go and someone twists an ankle or gets stung by a bee, throw some ice cubes into one of these bags and you have a great temporary ice pack!
  8. Reusable Straw Storage: Keep your metal, glass, silicone or bamboo straw handy and clean in a waterproof bag meant specifically for reusable straws! How cool is that?
  9. Bar Soap: also great for travel, if you use a bar soap, one of these bags is the handiest place to store it while you’re on the go! I love the small (4x6") size for this purpose.
  10. Zero-Waste Wrapping: we love functional “wrapping paper” that’s actually part of the gift! Make a wet bag or snack bag into an adorable gift bag!
  11. Breast Pump Parts: for mamas who are pumping, a little wet bag can store all the parts in between uses.
  12. Be Prepared! Use a small wet bag or snack bag to keep together any sort of kit: an emergency sewing kit to keep in the glove compartment, for instance, or a first aid kit to take hiking.
Large Colibri wet bag NOTE: All Colibri snack bag and wet bag sizes are listed under each individual print. To find the size you are looking for, simply click on the print of bag you like and see whether that size/shape is listed.
Posted by Lindsay on 5/29/2020 to Products