Wild Mushrooms: A Cookbook and Foraging Guide

Get ready to fall in love with wild mushrooms! This book contains absolutely everything you need to know to make mushrooming a lifestyle choice — from finding, storing, preserving and preparing common to unusual species.

Packed with content and lore from more than 20 skilled foragers around the country, Wild Mushrooms will help mushroom hunters successfully utilize their harvest, and includes practical information on transporting, cleaning and preserving their finds. One of the best things about cooking wild mushrooms is that every time you open your dried caches, their unique aroma recalls your foraging experience and creates an immediate and visceral connection back to the forest. There is no finer way to appreciate food.

You will not only learn the best ways to locate, clean, collect, and preserve your mushrooms from the experts, this book will also discuss safety and edibility, preservation techniques, mushroom sections and flavor profiles, and more. Recipes will be categorized by mushroom species, with 115 recipes in total.

From pickling to rich duxelles, soups, salads, and even mushroom teas, tinctures, jams, and ice cream, these recipes and invaluable insider tips will delight everyone from the most discerning mycophiles to brand new fungus fanatics.

About the Author

Kristen and Trent Blizzard are self-proclaimed "mushroom geeks" and are the creators behind the blog Modern Forager. They've been trekking the Rocky Mountains and beyond mostly with mushrooms in mind for nearly a decade. At first a hobby, the hunt for fungi quickly became an obsession for this pair. They have built a lifestyle around foraging — everywhere they go provides a new opportunity to learn about local mycology and they are both certified wild mushroom identification experts in Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. They reside in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

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