Build Your Zero Waste Kit: Six Essentials

What is a Zero Waste Kit? It’s simply a small collection of essential, reusable, everyday items that — without taking up much space — make a huge difference in your daily contribution to the waste stream.

By carrying these items with you in your backpack, car or while travelling, you can save plastic grocery bags, paper coffee cups, paper napkins, plastic utensils and plastic straws from going in the trash while you’re out and about! Add a couple of glass or metal containers if you have the space and use them in place of takeout containers to make even more of an impact.

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Six Zero Waste Kit Essentials

1. Travel mug and/or water bottle: 

You may want just one or the other; or you may choose to use a vessel that can act as both. This will be dependent on how much space you have and your beverage preferences. Choose glass or metal, and remember that you can buy used if you’re comfortable with it!

2. Utensils

If you eat out at least once a week, or attend events (like music festivals) where food is served, it’s worth it to carry chopsticks or stainless steel utensils! They take up almost no space and will keep countless plastic forks and spoons out of the landfill!

3. Cloth bag(s)

Carry your purchases and your groceries in a reusable shopping bag! Don’t want to buy a bag? Consider making one out of an old shirt!

4. Cloth napkin

You might want one to use in place of tissues (for blowing your nose, if you need to) and another one to use at your meals. These could be cloth bandanas, or cloth hankies found at thrift shops!

5. Produce bags

Think of how many of those clear, flimsy plastic bags go to the recycling plant after just one round toting your peppers, celery or Brussels sprouts for you. Did you know that there are reusable, gauze produce bags? Carry a few of these with you in your Zero Waste Kit to save a whole lot of plastic from going into the waste stream!

6. Reusable straw

Glass and stainless steel straws are a fantastic alternative to disposable plastic straws (which have earned some well-deserved ire of late). These are another item that take up next to no space but make a big impact!

A Zero Waste Kit doesn’t need to cost much (if anything) and much of this can be repurposed, purchased used or purchased once and then used for a very long time. Get creative!

Posted by Lindsay on 3/5/2018 to Products

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