Bay Leaf
Latin Name:Laurus nobilis
Common Name:Bay laurel, Grecian laurel, sweet bay, true bay
Plant Part(s):Dried Leaf

The leaf of the bay laurel, a native shrub of the lands surrounding the northern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean, has a mythic history. In the Greek language, the herb is called "dafni." At the Temple of Delphi, which is dedicated to Apollo, the priestesses would eat bay leaves before divining the future. Romans considered the bay tree the best protection from thunderstorms. As recently as the beginnings of the American era, superstition held that when bay trees died, disaster followed.

This aromatic leaf is often ground or used whole in cooking to add mild seasoning to soups and sauces.

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Whole or crumbled added to cooking, or consumed as a tea. Bay leaf comes together with parsley and thyme resulting in the subtle yet flavorful blend known as Bouquet Garni, and enhances the taste of any stew, soup or sauce it is introduced into. It is an important ingredient in many French, Moroccan and Turkish dishes.


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5 Stars

Best Bay leaves

It is the best bay leaves I've ever found anywhere in the world.

from Calgary - 7/19/2021

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