The General Bean - Coloured Dryer Balls

These pure wool dryer balls are made with 100% Canadian (Albertan!) Premium Wool and each ball is completely handmade by small family business owners The General Bean.

The General Bean wool is ethically sourced and cruelty free. It is processed with minimal chemicals in an environmentally conscious small mill. All items are ethically made right in Canada, reducing carbon footprint and supporting local industries.

Each ball weighs an average of 2 oz and all three balls can be used together in a single laundry load. The balls work together to share moisture absorption levels, reduce static and increase the efficiency of your dryer.

Purchase a single ball below or up your laundry game with a set of 3!

If you have your heart set on a specific colour, please specify in the notes section at checkout and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

About the Company

    We are a small family business from Calgary Alberta who are passionate about natural fibres, sustainable living, and making sure that artisanal skills are kept alive and passed on to future generations.

  • Does not harbour bacteria and is safe for people with sensitive skin. In fact this is a great product for cloth diapers and towels.
  • A natural alternative to using chemically laden commercial dryer sheet.
  • Should you want scented clothes, just add few drops of your choice of essential oil to your set of dryer balls and you're good to go.
  • As each ball is hand-crafted, characteristic differences may occur. Appreciate their uniqueness but be confident they all perform the same.
  • Simply put them in your dryer along with your wet clean clothes and turn on machine.
  • Balls will pill, this is an indication they are working well. Feel free to remove the pills and continue.
  • To naturally scent your clothes, add your choice of pure essential oils to each ball.
  • When your balls are not in use, keep them in a well ventilated dry location and avoid storing them in plastic.

100% Canadian Wool

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars


I love these and so does my dog... so I'm a repeat customer :) I had the pleasure of meeting the woman and her daughter - a wholesome family run business - do support them!

from Calgary - 6/22/2023

5 Stars

No more single use dryer sheets!

These wool dryer balls are wonderful. I have been using a set of 3 for a couple years and only recently wondered if it was time to replace them. I’m delighted when I think of all the dryer sheets they have replaced. Highly recommend!

from Calgary - 6/19/2023

5 Stars

purple makes it easy to find

love it. will buy it for friends for bigger loads

from Banff - 12/29/2021

5 Stars

Goodbye dryer sheets!

I’m so glad I don’t have to use single use dryer sheets anymore! My dryer ball doesn’t shed and is still in great condition after many uses. I recommend using two at a time for bulky items like towels and sheets. If you want to scent your laundry, add a few drops of essential oils into the dryer ball near the end of the dry cycle!

from Calgary - 3/9/2021

5 Stars

Killer Addition to a Waste-Free Laundry

These wool balls are WAY larger than you think! They work super well. Love them. Buy a set!

from Cold Lake, AB - 3/31/2020

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