Harmonic Arts - 5 Mushroom Chocolate Elixir

Cozy up with a smooth, full-bodied hot cocoa packed with five restorative mushrooms!

Features rich Heirloom Cacao with 5 Nourishing Mushrooms to help promote full-body wellness. Deeply Restorative and nourishing, this elixir is wonderful to cozy up with on a cold winter's day.

Now in 100% compostable packaging (including the cellulose bag inside the canister!)

Featured Herbs

  • Reishi: Grounding to the heart and mind.
  • Chaga: Boosts the body's defence system.
  • Lions Mane: Enhances focus and motivation.
  • Cordyceps: Builds stamina and strength.
  • Turkey Tail: Restorative and liver-supportive.
How To Make

    Hot Elixir:

    1TB 5 Mushroom Blend + 1TSP Coconut Oil + 8 OZ Hot Water, Tea or Nut Mylk. Combine in blender, makes 1 serving.

    Cold Elixir:

    1TB 5 Mushroom Blend + 8 OZ Nut Mylk + 1TSP Honey. Combine in blender, makes 1 serving. Add ice cubes.


    *Raw Cacao Powder, *Coconut Sugar, and *5 Mushroom Extract (Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Chaga and Lion's Mane

    *Certified Organic by EcoCert

    Contains 100% organic ingredients.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars

My Favourite Treat

This hot cocoa is so tasty you forget it also has health benefits! It’s creamy, rich, and the perfect amount of sweet! It’s my favourite treat!

from Calgary, Alberta - 6/23/2023

5 Stars


Purchased this with suggestion from an employee and was so grateful for her tips! It’s delicious and I felt amazing with regular usage. I can’t wait to buy more!

from Calgary - 6/20/2023

5 Stars

Best Hocho!

This is a great hot chocolate. Tasty and nourishing, I love having it in my tea cupboard.

from Calgary - 6/19/2023

5 Stars

Tasty Hot Chocolate

Harmonic Arts has made a tasty and nourishing chocolate-mushroom drink that can be enjoyed year around with hot and cold preparation. I prefer it hot with just a bit of honey. It's a very satisfying and rich beverage easy to enjoy regularly.

from Calgary - 3/4/2023

5 Stars


This is a very rich tasting and satisfying drink - will be ordering it again.

from Calgary - 5/19/2020

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