Nixit Menstrual Cup

For those looking for an alternative to the DivaCup, Nixit is a one-size-fits all, super soft silicone cup that conforms to you. Offering 12-hour protection and a suction-free cup, there's no need to worry about leaks or awkward removal.

Nixit menstrual cups are soft, flexible and made with 100% medical grade BPA-free silicone. Each cup offers full coverage day and night and can hold up to 70ml (4 tampons worth) of liquid. The unique Nixit design is so thin that 64% of users don't even feel it when they use it!

About Nixit

At nixit, we believe it's time for full circle period care. We're nixing the stigma and shame that surrounds menstruation. We're nixing flowery feminine care. And we're definitely nixing the pads and tampons that we've used for so long without question. Enough is enough — we all deserve better.

Our revolutionary menstrual cup is suitable for any period with a period. It's circular, soft, suction-free, and can be worn for up to 12 hours (it holds more than the equivalent of four super tampons!) Made from 100% medical-grade BPA-free silicone, nixit fits you. Our circular design makes it easy to insert — no matter your shape or size, this eco-friendly cup is reusable, plastic-free and lasts for years.

Product Info

  • 12-hour protection with full coverage day & night (holds up to 4 tampons worth)
  • Save hundreds of dollars annually with a cup that lasts up to 5 years
  • Comfortably wear for any activity
  • Cup stays in naturally — no suction means removal is easier
  • Soft, flexible and made with 100% medical grade BPA-free silicone.
  • Free of chemicals and toxins, Nixit won’t dry out or disrupt down there
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    Customer Reviews

    5 Stars

    My “Goldilocks” Cup!!

    I have used multiple menstrual cups and I have finally found my favourite!! It works well for my body - the membrane-like cup section folds easily and the very flexible rim makes this extremely easy to insert. I’m less graceful at removing it (TMI??), but since it stays put and can be left in for hours (they recommend 12), I haven’t been in a position where I needed to remove it other than at home. I highly recommend this one!! ... also, for the record, I did not coin the term ‘goldilocks cup’. Someone else did... I just can’t remember where I heard it...

    from Calgary - 11/7/2020

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