Orange, Sweet essential oil (organic)
Latin Name:Citrus sinensis
Method:cold pressed
Description: The scent of Sweet Orange is more or less what you would expect it to smell like. It's light, fresh, with a bit of zest, much like cutting into a fresh orange.

Sweet Orange is ideal for skincare where oily, dull skin is a concern, as well as puffy, wrinkled, chapped or fissured skin, or where the epidermis needs strengthening. As for other applications, this essential oil may be used for bronchitis, constipation, simple water retention, mouth ulcers, promoting weight loss, and assisting the digestive process.

Psychologically, Sweet Orange has a sedating effect which is useful for combating nervousness, tension, hysteria, excessive worrying, and stress related problems. It is suggested that it revives interest, and helps to harmonize the physical and mental aspects of our lives.

Sweet Orange is useful in dispelling negative energy from ones aura, as well as from thought patterns. It is said to nourish an individual's soul with joy, while moving stagnate energy. It brings positive energy to our lives, and is used to promote self-confidence, courage, creativity, joy in sexuality and love, as well as bring about good fortune and luck. Often found in purification blends, Sweet Orange may assist us in conquering obsessions, or fears of letting go.

Contraindications: Considered phototoxic. Oxidizes rapidly, but may be used regularly (with proper dilution, or diffusion). Not recommended for sensitive or damaged skin.

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